Ceramic Cookware Reviews


Ceramic CookwareBefore you think about purchasing cooking pots, frying pans or any kind of cookware, it is recommended to be well informed about the products and the differences between cookware sets.

I aim to help you select the best option for your personal kitchen, from the multitude of choices the market has to offer. Once you know the purpose of the set, you are ready to start your journey through the world of beautiful flavors.

What you should look for:

A quality cooking product should have the following characteristics:

  • No chemicals to react with the food being prepared
  • Lastingness, without deteriorating, modifying its shape or properties
  • Good heating conductor, assuring uniform preparation of the food inside
  • Comfortable to use and handle.
  • Easy to clean, also preventing food from sticking to the pan or burning

If you take a sip of coffee from a plastic cup, and then another one from a mug designed for this purpose, you can immediately tell the difference. It’s the same with cookware sets. This happens because the ions from the food interact with the ions they come into contact with. This is why it is super important for the meals to be cooked and served in proper cookware.

With this being said, my article will focus on Ceramic Cookware, the best option for your kitchen from the views by millions of cooks. The Ceramic Cookware Reviews will analyze different features so that you can be prepared when you need to decide upon a product.


Quick Facts About Ceramics

Based on my Ceramic Cookware research, it is obvious that this material is the best when it comes to healthy cooking. Ceramic cookware is inert, non-reactive and gives out an infrared heat, which is the most efficient heat to prepare your food. Ceramic is high-temperature resistant. It literally absorbs the heat, disperses it evenly and most importantly, retains the heat within the pan, ensuring all the ingredients are cooked evenly.

The material has been used for thousands of years, our ancestors being the first ones who processed different types of clay, creating what we call ceramics today. It started off so simple, yet look how many different products are being used today, all of them having the same origin! The saying must be right: “Old is gold.”


Ceramic Cookware Set Reviews

Considering the customer reviews, I thought about a Pros and Cons section as well, to make it easier for the readers.

Scanpan CTX Deluxe 

Scanpan brings you the most durable and advanced non-stick range of cookware that’s fit for any kitchen. Made with a non-stick coating that sears, browns and deglazes like stainless steel cookware, without the effort of having to clean them vigorously (like steel cookware).

More flavor, less effort. It also promotes healthy cooking with less oil, as well as being a completely safe and sustainable product. Manufactured with stainless steel and pure aluminum at its core, it is a strong and durable material.

The elegant design is very attractive: The Artisan design is handmade cookware from Denmark and has been in operation since 1956. Any product that has been on the go for over 70 years tells you everything you need to know about the quality. And the fact that it’s made from 100% recycled materials is definitely another positive aspect.

The customer reviews give the Scanpan an average of 3.8 out of 5 stars. Reasons for this might be its easiness to clean and being dishwasher safe at the same time. The steel handles are secured by rivets and designed to stay cool longer. Regarding the leading ceramic non-sticks, it seems they only guarantee their non-stick surface for two years. But the CTX Deluxe Pan was built to last with a lifetime warranty guarantee for your peace of mind.


  • Excellent pieces of kitchen equipment proved to be very useful and highly functional
  • Made with care and designed to last a lifetime
  • Non-stick coating is durable and cleans very easily
  • Very well designed with a stylish and modern look
  • Heats up very quickly and distributes the heat evenly throughout the pan
  • The non-scratch, non-stick coating makes them the absolute best, particularly if you have a new induction stove top


  • A little expensive compared to other brands
  • Weighs quite a lot
  • Handles on the lids do not stay cool


Trisha Yearwood Royal Precious Metals 10 Piece Nonstick 

The Trisha Yearwood Precious Metals Collection is designed with dishwasher safe, lightweight aluminum bodies, in either copper or titanium. Oven-safe, stay-cool handles are made of stainless steel for maximum functionality and comfort.

Coated with a Thermolon healthy ceramic non-stick, it will not release any harmful fumes if overheated. Less oils and fats can be used during the cooking process thanks to the excellent food release properties and cleaning is as easy as soap and water.

It has an excellent thermal conductivity, that allows perfect frying results, especially on a  lower heat setting. The coating is also scratch-resistant, very hard and more resilient to thermal shocks, something other ceramic pans can struggle with.

Coated with a Thermolon healthy ceramic non-stick, it will not release any harmful fumes if overheated. Less oils and fats can be used during the cooking process thanks to the excellent food release properties and cleaning is as easy as soap and water.

It has an excellent thermal conductivity, that allows perfect frying results, especially on a  lower heat setting. The coating is also scratch-resistant, very hard and more resilient to thermal shocks, something other ceramic pans can struggle with.

Thermolon Is known to be a good heat conductor, that results in a superb searing and crispy frying. The even cooking makes the food brown beautifully. Another notable feature would be its design that allows cooking on low to medium temperature, in order to reduce your energy bill.

Customers give them a decent scoring of 3.3 out of 5 stars. Considering the amount of reviews, this is a really good score.


  • No staining or food sticking issues
  • Looks great and cooks great
  • Great price


  • Ceramic coating is awfully fragile
  • They are really pretty, but won’t stay like that after a few months of usage


WearEver C943SF Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic 15-Piece Red

The WearEver Pure Living quality, safe ceramic interior allows you to cook with less oil, the surface withstands higher temperatures at the same time (up to 350 degrees F), making it perfect for searing.

Ergonomically Designed Silicone Riveted Handles allow for a comfortable and secure grip. An absolute joy in the kitchen, the set is excellent for searing meats, poultry, and fish.

It delivers crisper, more evenly cooked food and it is said that this 15-piece cookware provides everything you could possibly need to cook efficiently.

This time we have 4.1 out of 5 stars, Limited Lifetime Warranty, the non-stick ceramic coating keeps the metal utensils safe from scratches. It is also PTFE/PFOA, Cadmium and lead-free. The High-Quality aluminum base provides even heat distribution, superior stain resistance, superior scratch resistance and the most durable Ceramic Cookware for WearEver.


  • Beautiful, lightweight, and really durable
  • The handle sleeves are a fantastic edition, they have a solid, secure feel
  • Super easy to clean, plus you only need to use hot water and everything will just rinse off
  • Cook pretty much anything beautifully as there is such a wide pan choice selection


  • Incredible the first month, but the looks will fade a month or two after using
  • A little Staining on the inside and several have spots where the enamel was chipped off


Cuisinart 10 Piece Champagne Set 10.25”

Every cook’s favorite, the skillet can be used to brown, sear, and braise a variety of foods, including simple ones, like bacon and eggs for breakfast.

The non-stick interiors guarantee to clean up easily. The PTFE/PFOA – free and petroleum-free Nano-ceramic technology offers easy food release, no need for butter or oil for cooking.

Highly durable, designed with a protective exterior and scratch resistance, while the inside heats quickly and evenly due to the heavy gauge aluminum core.

The handles also provide a secure and comfortable grip. You can cook on the stovetop or in the oven (safe up to 350 degrees F). The elegant glass covers allow you to view the results while cooking, and the tight-fitting lids seal in flavors and nutrients.

The reviews are excellent and stand at an incredible 4.6 out of 5 stars, experienced chefs have commented and really appreciated this set.


  • So easy to clean, fits perfectly ceramic cooktop without any curvature of the bottom
  • Gorgeous champagne color
  • Heat distribution is great and nothing sticks even without oils
  • Great pans without the garbage Teflon chemical storm


  • Discoloration inside and out of the pans if used on a gas stove
  • After 12 months, the pan set will start to lose their non-stick attributes, therefore, I don’t recommend it as a long lasting non-stick pan.


HappyCall Hard Anodized Ceramic Pot 10 Piece Set

Ever since 1999 in South Korea, HappyCall has streamlined its methods in manufacturing, R&D, and quality control to efficiently provide quality innovative products to over 36 worldwide countries.

As they say, “No product is released until we are absolutely convinced that it will revolutionize the way people cook.”

After carefully machining cast aluminum, weight is kept to a minimum while taking strength, durability and finish to the next level through hard anodizing.

They are also made with natural ceramic on the inside and out for easy cleaning maintenance. The 10 piece set are equipped with a self-standing tempered glass lid that have a standard wide steam vent.

The HappyCall Anodized Ceramic Pot adopts aerospace technology known as ‘Alumite’ or ‘Hard-Anodizing’ to create corrosion resistance. It is durable, thermally efficient, prevents bacterial build-up and utilizes less kitchen space.

The features sound fantastic, it is indeed a new approach. Well, since the Koreans were the first to think up, the new design revolution cannot be surprising as their nation is often at the forefront of groundbreaking technology. Their reputation is spotless.

This set received a mind-boggling 4.8 out of 5 stars. This product was made to reach perfection. The set is lightweight and that doesn’t impact the cooking negatively at all. You get the benefit of a quickly heating aluminium-light pan, but that’s where the similarity ends.


  • It is a bargain for the price, plus the customer service is excellent
  • Browns food without burning
  • Clean up is said to be “ridiculously easy”
  • They seem impossible to scratch
  • The stand-up handle feature is a wonderful feature
  • They are designed with groundbreaking technology and would look great in any kitchen


  • Minor inconvenience caused by the small gap between the metal and the glass on the lid, food can get stuck in there
  • Handles become hot after cooking long periods of time


Conclusion and personal recommendation

 Apparently, short descriptions receive the most positive and honest reviews. It’s always better not to brag too much and let the product speak for itself. Therefore, we have five great products to decide upon, after going through the Top Rated Ceramic Cookware: The Cuisinart 10 Piece Champagne Set and the Korean HappyCall Hard Anodized Ceramic Pot 10 Piece Set are our recommendations.

The first set is professional and meets the needs of numerous professional chefs, and they have also expressed that by recommending it to others, despite some minor flaws. However, I would totally go for the most innovative concept, in my opinion, when it comes to choosing the best ceramic cookware set. And that is, undoubtedly, The HappyCall Ceramic Pot Set.

The reasons are crystal clear, everyone appears to be very excited about the product and, obviously, ‘Happy’! Taking into consideration the general point of view is the best way to find out great information about any product on the market. The customer is never wrong as they say!

You will always find the pros and cons in their honest reviews and whether they would purchase the product for a second time. This will help you get the best idea based on the pieces of information and advice gathered. So, after doing this research myself, I would buy this set at any time.

And with confidence, I am buying one of the best pan sets available on the market. I like to think that ‘quality over quantity’ is a motto that deserves to be followed when we’re engaged in the most important activity for the benefit of our bodies.

Most people who are interested in a healthy food lifestyle and a balanced nutritional diet will agree that a healthy living also refers to the way food is prepared in our own homes. Both professional and amateur cooks know that ceramic cookware has become the most popular technological innovation, and for good reason.

We have already reached to the conclusion that Ceramic Cookware is the best choice for the kitchen. Just let the product speak for itself, or, ask other customers who are content with their purchase. Either way, you won’t regret it. It is about our own health, why shouldn’t we make the best decision? Isn’t it the most important thing in life, after all?